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    • Honda City

      Honda City

      Starting Price:

      Honda's small sedan stays true to its name as a great city car with excellent fuel economy and affordable running costs.

    • Honda Odyssey

      Honda Odyssey

      Starting Price:

      Honda's family-oriented minivan ticks all the boxes you would expect of an MPV with a few variants to choose from.

    • Honda Accord

      Honda Accord

      Starting Price:

      The Accord continues to be one of Honda's best sellers with modern styling and a range of options to choose from.

    • Honda Civic

      Honda Civic

      Starting Price:

      Only a few years from its 50th birthday the Civic continues to be a solid choice in the mid-size sedan market.

    • Honda HR-V

      Honda HR-V

      Starting Price:

      Honda's smallest SUV is a great urban cruiser with a few different models offering some useful features.

    • Honda Odyssey J Dubai

      Honda Odyssey J

      Starting Price:

      Odyssey J positions itself as a cheaper alternative to the regular Odyssey but still manages some helpful features.

    • Honda CR-V

      Starting Price:

      Honda's small-mid size SUV continues to offer strong reliability and good features across a range of models.

    • Honda Pilot

      Honda Pilot

      Starting Price:

      Pilot offers choice of seven or eight seats and is equipped with helpful features across the range.

    • Chery Arrizo 3

      Chery Arrizo 3

      Starting Price: AED 31,500

      One of the best-value cars in the UAE allows buyers to experience a brand new car at an affordable price.

    • Renault Symbol

      Renault Symbol

      Starting Price: AED 36,645

      Small sedan is offered in a few different trim levels - all presenting great value for money.

    • Mitsubishi Attrage

      Mitsubishi Attrage

      Starting Price: AED 37,695

      Compact sedan from Mitsubishi combines a surprising amount of interior space with great fuel economy.

    • Mitsubishi Mirage

      Mitsubishi Mirage

      Starting Price: AED 38,745

      Mitsubishi's small city car is great value for money and has one of the most fuel efficient engines around.

    • Kia Picanto

      Kia Picanto

      Starting Price: AED 39,375

      Kia's smallest car delivers excellent value for money combined with affordable servicing in a compact hatchback package.

    • Great Wall Wingle 5

      Great Wall Wingle 5

      Starting Price: AED 39,900

      Wingle 5 offers more equipment than most of its rivals at a very competitive price.



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