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    • Lexus GX

      Lexus GX

      Starting Price: AED 220,000

      The Toyota Prado-based Lexus GX is a full-sized SUV with a huge range of features and a powerful V8 engine.

    • Lexus RX

      Lexus RX

      Starting Price: AED 220,000

      Offered with either a petrol or hybrid system this five-seater SUV combines a huge range of features with excellent safety.

    • Chevrolet Tahoe

      Chevrolet Tahoe

      Starting Price: AED 222,100

      Large SUV offers seating for eight to nine people with a range of features and a V8 engine.

    • Nissan Patrol

      Nissan Patrol

      Starting Price: AED 222,200

      With a recent redesign the Patrol aims to consolidate its position as the leading SUV on UAE roads.

    • GMC Yukon

      GMC Yukon

      Starting Price: AED 230,700

      Popular large SUV from GMC offers huge interior space with equally huge engine options and plenty of features and comfort.

    • Chevrolet Suburban

      Chevrolet Suburban

      Starting Price: AED 232,200

      Largest SUV on offer from Chevrolet has an enormous amount of space to suit even the largest of families.

    • Hongqi HS7

      Hongqi HS7

      Starting Price: AED 236,000

      Safe & comfortable, the HS7 comes in either 5- or 7-seat configuration with a powerful engine and great equipment.

    • Toyota Land Cruiser

      Toyota Land Cruiser

      Starting Price: AED 239,900

      The 'King of the Desert' continues to be an ideal choice for both desert exploring and family fun.

    • Jaguar F-Pace

      Jaguar F-Pace

      Starting Price: AED 243,810

      Understated, refined, or aggressive - you can take your pick with the range of Jaguar F-Pace models.

    • Lincoln Nautilus

      Lincoln Nautilus

      Starting Price: AED 249,900

      Spacious 5-seater SUV from Lincoln is safe and comfortable for a refined and reliable urban SUV experience.

    • Volvo XC90

      Volvo XC90

      Starting Price: AED 259,900

      SUV packed with advanced safety features is also luxurious and comfortable for up to seven.

    • Infiniti QX80

      Infiniti QX80

      Starting Price: AED 261,000

      Infiniti's largest SUV offers premium comfort in a huge, spacious package with seating for up to eight.

    • Range Rover Velar

      Land Rover Range Rover Velar

      Starting Price: AED 262,185

      The newest edition to the Range Rover stable is the award-winning Velar - slotting in-between the Evoque and Sport models.



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