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    • Nissan Micra

      Nissan Micra

      Starting Price: AED 43,889

      Nissan's hatchback model provides great fuel economy combined with the brand's renowned reliability.

    • Renault Symbol

      Renault Symbol

      Starting Price: AED 44,500

      Small sedan is offered in a few different trim levels - all presenting great value for money.

    • JAC S3

      JAC S3

      Starting Price: AED 45,045

      The JAC S3 is one of the cheapest ways for buyers to enter the brand new small SUV market.

    • MG ZS

      MG ZS

      Starting Price: AED 45,500

      Compact SUV gives buyers access to this competitive segment at a great price.

    • Suzuki Dzire

      Suzuki Dzire

      Starting Price: AED 45,900

      Small sedan based on the popular Suzuki Swift. Comes in two model variants.

    • Great Wall Wingle 6

      Great Wall Wingle 6

      Starting Price: AED 46,000

      Middle member of the Wingle family offers good equipment at a great price in this work site oriented pick up.

    • Changan CS35

      Changan CS35

      Starting Price: AED 47,250

      Small SUV offers two different variants for less than 60k.

    • Peugeot 208

      Peugeot 208

      Starting Price: AED 47,900

      Most recent version of Peugeot's line of small, sporty hatchbacks continues to offer light-weight fun with French flair.

    • Skoda Fabia

      Skoda Fabia

      Starting Price: AED 47,999

      Skoda Fabia is one of the cheapest European cars available in the UAE with a range of stylish packages available.

    • Nissan Sunny

      Nissan Sunny

      Starting Price: AED 48,500

      Nissan Sunny provides an affordable sedan option with various models available - all with great fuel economy and reliability.

    • Peugeot 301

      Peugeot 301

      Starting Price: AED 49,900

      Peugeot's smallest sedan model is fitted with an excellent range of features for such an affordably priced car.

    • Kia Rio

      Kia Rio Sedan

      Starting Price: AED 50,295

      Sedan version of the Kia Rio offers entry to a well-equipped small car with a great warranty to boot.

    • Kia Rio

      Kia Rio Hatchback

      Starting Price: AED 50,295

      Currently Kia's largest hatchback, the Rio offers a slightly larger more comfortable alternative to the entry-level Picanto.

    • Maxus T60

      Maxus T60

      Starting Price: AED 51,000

      Utilitarian pickup from Chinese brand Maxus is a well-priced alternative to other workplace-focused trucks.

    • Renault Megane

      Renault Megane

      Starting Price: AED 51,713

      Mid-sized sedan comes in a handful of different trim levels for a range of flexible pricing and package options.



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