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    • Nissan Sunny

      Nissan Sunny

      Starting Price: AED 52,900

      Nissan Sunny provides an affordable sedan option with various models available - all with great fuel economy and reliability.

    • Skoda Fabia

      Skoda Fabia

      Starting Price: AED 52,999

      Skoda Fabia is one of the cheapest European cars available in the UAE with a range of stylish packages available.

    • Suzuki Baleno

      Suzuki Baleno

      Starting Price: AED 53,000

      Suzuki's second hatchback offering alongside the Swift is slightly larger with a bigger boot.

    • Suzuki Ciaz

      Suzuki Ciaz

      Starting Price: AED 53,000

      Small-mid size sedan offered by Suzuki which is slightly larger than its sister the Dzire.

    • Renault Captur

      Renault Captur

      Starting Price: AED 53,445

      With the ground-clearance of an SUV and the manoeuverability of a small car the Captur makes a compelling case for itself.

    • Renault Duster

      Renault Duster

      Starting Price: AED 53,445

      The second generation of this popular compact SUV continues to offer great value for money.

    • Chery Arrizo 5 Dubai Sale

      Chery Arrizo 5

      Starting Price: AED 53,445

      Economical medium-sized sedan from Chery gives buyers some good features at a value price.

    • Ford Figo

      Ford Figo

      Starting Price: AED 53,460

      The Figo is available as either a hatchback or small sedan with a fuel-efficient engine making this a great city car.

    • Honda City

      Honda City

      Starting Price: AED 53,900

      Honda's small sedan stays true to its name as a great city car with excellent fuel economy and affordable running costs.

    • Kia Picanto

      Kia Picanto

      Starting Price: AED 54,495

      Kia's smallest car delivers excellent value for money combined with affordable servicing in a compact hatchback package.

    • MG ZS

      MG ZS

      Starting Price: AED 54,500

      Compact SUV gives buyers access to this competitive segment at a great price.

    • Great Wall Wingle 7

      Great Wall Wingle 7

      Starting Price: AED 54,900

      Newest member of the Wingle family is the only Great Wall pick up with a torquey diesel engine.

    • Maxus T60

      Maxus T60

      Starting Price: AED 55,000

      Utilitarian pickup from Chinese brand Maxus is a well-priced alternative to other workplace-focused trucks.

    • MG RX5

      MG RX5

      Starting Price: AED 55,500

      Great value small SUV. Choose from different variants which all come with a 6 year/200,000km warranty.

    • Mitsubishi Lancer

      Mitsubishi Lancer EX

      Starting Price: AED 55,545

      Popular mid-size sedan continues to offer a range of equipment and choices at great value for money.

    • Suzuki Swift

      Suzuki Swift

      Starting Price: AED 56,900

      Popular hatchback from the reliable Japanese brand. A great car for city driving.

    • Changan CS35

      Changan CS35

      Starting Price: AED 57,745

      Small SUV offers two different variants for less than 60k.

    • MG 6

      MG 6

      Starting Price: AED 58,000

      Medium-sized fastback from MG offers the convenience of a hatchback with the space of a sedan.



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