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    • Kia Soul

      Kia Soul

      Starting Price: AED 80,745

      Funky small SUV comes with an economical 1.6L engine and offers a good amount of space and comfort.

    • VW Jetta

      Volkswagen Jetta

      Starting Price: AED 80,900

      VW Jetta allows you to access to the Volkswagen brand at relatively low cost for a comfortable sedan.

    • Suzuki Vitara

      Suzuki Vitara

      Starting Price: AED 82,000

      Small/medium SUV with modern features. 4WD models allow for basic off-road ability.

    • Renault Koleos

      Renault Koleos

      Starting Price: AED 82,845

      The Koleos' distinctive look sets it apart from the SUV clutter and is available in three different versions in the UAE.

    • Suzuki Jimny

      Suzuki Jimny

      Starting Price: AED 83,000

      Suzuki have managed to generate huge demand for its new Jimny model so snap yours up while you can.

    • Nissan Kicks

      Nissan Kicks

      Starting Price: AED 83,000

      Small SUV fits an economical engine together with a nimble body to create an affordable urban adventurer.

    • Mitsubishi Eclipse

      Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

      Starting Price: AED 83,895

      Featuring a 1.5L turbocharged engine, the Eclipse Cross takes a different styling and equipment direction to the similar ASX.

    • Mitsubishi ASX

      Mitsubishi ASX

      Starting Price: AED 83,895

      The smallest of Mitsubishi's SUV line-up comes with a choice of drivetrains with the same 2.0L engine found in the Lancer.

    • Mazda CX-3

      Mazda CX-3

      Starting Price: AED 83,900

      Small crossover offers a raised ride in a compact package with four model choices.

    • Toyota Corolla

      Toyota Corolla

      Starting Price: AED 83,900

      The world's best-selling car is represented strongly in the UAE with a range of versions to choose from.

    • Geely Emgrand X7 Sport

      Geely Emgrand X7 Sport

      Starting Price: AED 83,995

      Good value small to mid-size SUV offers buyers three different model variants to choose from.

    • Mazda6

      Mazda 6

      Starting Price: AED 84,900

      Mazda's flagship car, the Mazda 6 comes with great features across a range of model options.

    • Nissan Urvan

      Nissan Urvan

      Starting Price: AED 85,000

      Passenger or cargo van from Nissan offers flexibility and a huge amount of space with standard or oversized versions available.

    • Toyota Hilux

      Toyota Hilux

      Starting Price: AED 85,050

      The Hilux remains one of the most popular workhorses available with its wide choice of available configurations.

    • MG RX8

      MG RX8

      Starting Price: AED 85,050

      MG's first seven-seater is packed with modern features providing an excellent value family hauler.

    • GAC GS7

      GAC GS7

      Starting Price: AED 85,050

      Mid-large sized SUV from GAC has loads of standard features making it a bargain at the price.

    • Skoda Octavia

      Skoda Octavia

      Starting Price: AED 86,000

      The smaller of the two Skoda sedan models available in the UAE offers great fuel efficiency paired with elegant design.

    • Peugeot 308

      Peugeot 308

      Starting Price: AED 86,900

      Largest hatchback on offer from Peugeot is agile and sporty in GT Line trim, with a range of equipment included.

    • Honda Civic

      Honda Civic

      Starting Price: AED 86,900

      Only a few years from its 50th birthday the Civic continues to be a solid choice in the mid-size sedan market.

    • Hyundai Sonata

      Hyundai Sonata

      Starting Price: AED 86,940

      Hyundai Sonata provides for a range of budgets with fresh styling and modern features.

    • Toyota Prius

      Toyota Prius

      Starting Price: AED 87,000

      The original hybrid car is still going strong today, with two well-equipped versions for buyers to choose between.

    • Nissan Navara Dubai Sale

      Nissan Navara

      Starting Price: AED 87,000

      Nissan's pickup truck is available in either 2WD or 4WD and is a reliable option for the work site.

    • Mitsubishi Outlander

      Mitsubishi Outlander

      Starting Price: AED 87,045

      Outlander offers five to seven seat layouts with a couple of engine choices and a range of different equipment.

    • Kia Sportage

      Kia Sportage

      Starting Price: AED 87,045

      One of the most popular small SUVs on our roads, the Sportage is available in mutliple different option combinations.



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