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    • Kia Sportage

      Kia Sportage

      Starting Price: AED 94,395

      One of the most popular small SUVs on our roads, the Sportage is available in mutliple different option combinations.

    • Mitsubishi Monetero Sport

      Mitsubishi Montero Sport

      Starting Price: AED 94,395

      Montero Sport offers seven seats in a relatively compact SUV package with 3.0L V6 power.

    • Subaru Forester

      Subaru Forester

      Starting Price: AED 94,500

      Mid-sized SUV offers full-time 4WD, a good amount of space, and a 5-star safety rating.

    • Nissan Altima

      Nissan Altima

      Starting Price: AED 94,900

      One of the most popular sedans on UAE roads continues to impress with powerful engine choices and great features.

    • Mazda6

      Mazda 6

      Starting Price: AED 94,900

      Mazda's flagship car, the Mazda 6 comes with great features across a range of model options.

    • Honda Accord

      Honda Accord

      Starting Price: AED 94,900

      The Accord continues to be one of Honda's best sellers with modern styling and a range of options to choose from.

    • Chevrolet Trax

      Chevrolet Trax

      Starting Price: AED 95,000

      Smallest model available from the huge Chevrolet SUV range gives buyers a compact urban explorer.

    • Isuzu D-Max

      Isuzu D-Max

      Starting Price: AED 95,000

      Reliable pickup from the Japanese brand is now in its second generation and is available in a range of configurations.

    • Chevrolet Equinox

      Chevrolet Equinox

      Starting Price: AED 95,500

      Chevrolet's most popular SUV in the USA allows comfortable seating for 5 with a couple of different powertrain options.

    • GAC GS7

      GAC GS7

      Starting Price: AED 95,550

      Mid-large sized SUV from GAC has loads of standard features making it a bargain at the price.

    • Mazda 3

      Mazda 3

      Starting Price: AED 95,900

      Mazda 3 is one of the most well-equipped small cars money can buy and is available as a hatchback or sedan.

    • Toyota Corolla

      Toyota Corolla

      Starting Price: AED 95,900

      The world's best-selling car is represented strongly in the UAE with a range of versions to choose from.

    • Subaru BRZ

      Subaru BRZ

      Starting Price: AED 96,000

      Lightweight sports car from Subaru offers a thrilling driving experience at any speed - in either manual or automatic.

    • Hyundai Santa Fe

      Hyundai Santa Fe

      Starting Price: AED 96,390

      Seven-seater SUV gives you the choice of 2WD or 4WD at a competitive price.

    • Mitsubishi Eclipse

      Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

      Starting Price: AED 96,495

      Featuring a 1.5L turbocharged engine, the Eclipse Cross takes a different styling and equipment direction to the similar ASX.

    • Suzuki Grand Vitara

      Suzuki Grand Vitara

      Starting Price: AED 96,500

      Long-standing small/medium SUV with basic off-roading capability in a choice of 3 or 5-door.

    • VW Passat

      Volkswagen Passat

      Starting Price: AED 96,900

      Family sedan from VW offered in a variety of models to suit most needs.

    • Nissan Navara Dubai Sale

      Nissan Navara

      Starting Price: AED 97,000

      Nissan's pickup truck is available in either 2WD or 4WD and is a reliable option for the work site.

    • GMC Terrain

      GMC Terrain

      Starting Price: AED 97,800

      This mid-sized SUV has great practicality, modern features, and a spacious interior.

    • Hyundai Sonata

      Hyundai Sonata

      Starting Price: AED 98,070

      Hyundai Sonata provides for a range of budgets with fresh styling and modern features.

    • Subaru XV

      Subaru XV

      Starting Price: AED 98,500

      Small SUV from Subaru is one of the safest cars on the road and comes in a few different 4WD-equipped versions.

    • Kia Sorento

      Kia Sorento

      Starting Price: AED 98,595

      7-Seater mid-sized SUV offers great features across all models to make it a competitive choice for the family.

    • Honda Civic

      Honda Civic

      Starting Price: AED 98,900

      Only a few years from its 50th birthday the Civic continues to be a solid choice in the mid-size sedan market.



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