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  • GAC GA4

    GAC GA4

    Starting Price: AED 59,850

    Mid-size sedan from GAC offers some great features with a clean, elegant design.

  • Toyota Yaris

    Toyota Yaris Sedan

    Starting Price: AED 59,900

    Toyota's smallest sedan provides great fuel economy and basic convenience features.

  • Haval H2 Picture

    Haval H2

    Starting Price: AED 59,900

    Small SUV from Haval packs in great features at a competitive price with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

  • Fiat 500

    Fiat 500

    Starting Price: AED 60,000

    Classic Italian city car maintains retro looks and inner-city manoeuverability.

  • Chery Tiggo 5

    Chery Tiggo 5

    Starting Price: AED 60,795

    The Tiggo 5 is a great choice in the mid-sized SUV market with an appealling combination of value and features.

  • Mitsubishi ASX

    Mitsubishi ASX

    Starting Price: AED 61,845

    The smallest of Mitsubishi's SUV line-up comes with a choice of drivetrains with the same 2.0L engine found in the Lancer.

  • Isuzu D-Max

    Isuzu D-Max

    Starting Price: AED 62,000

    Reliable pickup from the Japanese brand is now in its second generation and is available in a range of configurations.

  • Hyundai Creta

    Hyundai Creta

    Starting Price: AED 62,580

    Small SUV gives occupants a higher seating position with the maneuverability of a small car.

  • Hyundai Elantra

    Hyundai Elantra

    Starting Price: AED 62,790

    Sedan offers the choice of either 1.6 or 2.0L engines over three different versions.

  • Geely Emgrand GS Sport

    Geely Emgrand GS Sport

    Starting Price: AED 62,995

    Small SUV/Crossover offers modern equipment in a sporty shape at a great price.

  • Geely Emgrand X7 Sport

    Geely Emgrand X7 Sport

    Starting Price: AED 62,995

    Good value small to mid-size SUV offers buyers three different model variants to choose from.

  • Nissan Kicks

    Nissan Kicks

    Starting Price: AED 63,500

    Small SUV fits an economical engine together with a nimble body to create an affordable urban adventurer.

  • Toyota Avanza

    Toyota Avanza

    Starting Price: AED 63,500

    Toyota's smallest MPV can be purchased as a commercial vehicle with open rear compartment or with a 7-seater interior.

  • Kia Soul

    Kia Soul

    Starting Price: AED 64,995

    Funky small SUV comes with an economical 1.6L engine and offers a good amount of space and comfort.

  • Kia Cerato

    Kia Cerato

    Starting Price: AED 64,995

    Popular small-mid sized sedan comes with an economical 1.6L engine and a range of features to choose from.

  • Skoda Octavia

    Skoda Octavia

    Starting Price: AED 65,999

    The smaller of the two Skoda sedan models available in the UAE offers great fuel efficiency paired with elegant design.

  • Mitsubishi L200

    Mitsubishi L200

    Starting Price: AED 67,200

    Workhorse from Mitsubishi offers a range of engine, drivetrain, and cab options in the 40-90k price range.

  • Hyundai Veloster

    Hyundai Veloster

    Starting Price: AED 68,040

    The Veloster's sporty looks and uncommon door layout continue to work well with the introduction of the second generation model.



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